The result

The profession that by the majority I was expected to take.

After the rationalized answers esrlier, I was not lucky enough not able to bring may answer sheet and probably I did really bad.

The feelings I have right now scares me. The negatives and the “what ifs”

Time have been wasted trying to convince my parents to take a different path. But stubbornness prevails to them.

Some say that I am lucky and too much blessed that I am in this, yes I am and I will be forever grateful with that.

I am old already to choose what path I wanted. But here i am, assuming that theres no more turning back but to accept the faith that is given to me. Neverthrless of the complains and struggles ive been going through, but to promise that will try, do and strive harder to make them happy. This year’s would be my last push in my nursing carreer and I will not fucked it up. Earlier was just a pre - diagnostic, I will be on top the next time around :)