FLY with the TIME

I have no more than 8 months of staying here but soon enough ill be leaving again. Testing the byproduct of what my parents wanted me to be. honestly it was hella of a years of struggling, dramas, joys, and other stuffs i had to encounter. but here i am on last “phase” of my current adventure and im expecting that i will have a blast before it ends. so before that, i intent to enjoy every single bit of it by caring less to unimportant stuffs, giving matter to the who / what really does, making decisions that will only benefit me but causing no harm onto others, goals i want to achieve before i graduate because sooner, ill be in different page of my storyline with new obstacles that i have to encounter. 


Going to happen for most: will get drunk and get laid. Haha but I on the other hand will just get drunk. Haha.